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Projects in fruit cultivation:

Due to climate change, fruit growers increasingly see the need for good data on soil moisture, precipitation amounts, air temperature, and humidity in order to determine if and how much to irrigate to keep growing conditions of the crop optimal. Our FieldGuard Stations can easily be installed in the orchard, vineyard, or on your field. Data from the field is wirelessly sent to our web portal. By logging into the web portal on your computer or phone, you can quickly make good decisions based on the local conditions such as whether irrigation is necessary or not, based on accurate sensor data. With our new Smart Irrigation and Fertigation system, it is also possible to run your irrigation system condition based on sensor data in combination with weather forecasts and/or Delphy's irrigation model. Below you will find a number of example projects that we have carried out in the fruit cultivation sector.

FieldGuard Station in pear cultivation
Projects in Orchards

With our FieldGuard soil moisture measurement station, we measure the soil moisture percentage and/or suction at 2-3 depths in the soil. Additionally, these stations can be equipped with a sensor for measuring air temperature and humidity, making them useful for early-season frost warning. We typically install the soil moisture sensors at 30cm and 60cm, but this can be adjusted depending on the soil profile and the age of the trees. We have already installed about 1000 soil moisture measurement stations with various growers in the Netherlands.

FieldGuard Stations for Vineyards
Projecten in Vineyards

In the photo next to this, we see a FieldGuard station at the St. Martinus vineyard in Vijlen, where we measure not only soil moisture percentage, EC and soil temperature, but also leaf wetness periods. Data from this station and other FieldGuard stations in the vineyard measuring precipitation, are used for calculating disease pressure. Specifically for viticulture, we use disease models from Vitimeteo or RIMpro for this.

FieldGuard Station in strawberry cultivation
Projects in Strawberries:

Next to this, you can see a photo of a measurement setup in which a FieldGuard measurement station is used to determine the soil moisture content in trays for strawberry cultivation. Each station measures not only the soil moisture percentage, but also the EC and the temperature of the soil, as well as air temperatures and humidity. During the growing season, water is given multiple times (briefly) daily. The measurement system is therefore also used to check that the irrigation system is working correctly.

fieldguard-stations in Raspberry cultivation
Projects in Raspberries:

For a project of the WUR Open Teelten, we have set up a measurement system to measure air temperatures and humidity at multiple heights under solar panels. In addition to air temperature and humidity, we slso measure the amount of PAR light under and above the solar panels, and the soil moisture percentage, EC, and soil temperature in the pots with raspberry plants in this research project.

FieldGuard Stations for blueberry growers
Projects in Blueberries:

For this project at Johan van Rens in Melderslo, we have placed seven FieldGuard monitoring stations in the rows of blueberry bushes. The FieldGuard Stations measure the soil moisture, EC and soil temperature under the root cloth at 2 depths. In addition to soil moisture, we also look at air temperature and humidity and have night frost alarms linked to the account.