Because of climate change is the way in which we handle water in agriculture a problem that becomes more and more important. We don’t want to overwater our crops, but we don’t want to underwater them even more. Efficient use of available water is not only good for your crops, it also helps the environment and can save you a lot of costs.

When we talk about “Smart Irrigation” then in fact we talk about conditional irrigation based on sensor data from the field and weather forecast. We only irrigate if the sensors in the field indicate that soil moisture is reduced to, or close to its threshold value and if little or no rain is predicted for the next 24 hours. Also important is the level of evapotranspiration that tells us how much water for irrigation is needed to get soil moisture levels back to its desired level.

Our Smart Irrigation System consists of two important parts. On one hand we have our Tracis Web Portal where data from the sensors in the field is collected and analysed. And on the other hand we have our FieldGuard Smart Irrigation Controller that operates the valves in the field. The FieldGuard Smart irrigation controller is connected to the Tracis Web Portal through the internet. Based on sensor data, weather forecast and irrigation models, irrigation tasks are send from the Tracis Web Portal to the FieldGuard Irrigation Controller telling the controller which sectors of the irrigation system need to be activated and for how long.

To give our growers optimum control over their irrigation system, our Smart Irrigation System has the option to work in 3 different modes:

  • Manual Mode (individual sectors are switched ON / OFF by hand)
  • Scheduled Model (The grower can set a day / week program to run)
  • Automatic Mode (Irrigation sectors are switched ON / OFF based on sensor data)
In the end only the Automatic Mode is “SMART”, but never the less the both Manual and Scheduled modes are also important. The Manual mode gives the grower the opportunity to give particular sectors extra water whenever he feels it is necessary (this can be done in combination with both other modes). Scheduled mode is important because it can be used to run fertigation routines on a daily basis.


Optional The FieldGuard Smart Irrigation Controller is equipPed with an additional Fertigation Kit. With the optional fertigation kit it is possible to dose nutrients into the irrigation water. In general the Fertigation kit has 4 "streets" for different nutrients. Besides the basic streets for pH and EC you have two additional streets for other nutrients available, like for example potassium or iron. Additional streets are also available when needed (ask for possibilities). From the Tracis Web Portal you can set the desired concentration for pH, EC or other nutrient

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