FieldGuard Rain Collector

This rain collector measures rainfall in 0.25mm increments. The self-emptying, tipping bucket design is accurate and reliable. The rain collector will be accurate to ±2% at < 2 in (5 cm) per hour. The rain collector includes a 1.8m cable that is connected to the digital_IN1 port on your FieldGuard Station.

  • Measures Rainfall with 0.25mm increments
  • Self-emptying, tipping bucket
  • Design is exceptionally accurate
  • Freeze-resistant and reliable
  • Meets guidelines of the World Meteorological Organization
  • Accuracy is ± 2% at < (5 cm) per hour

FieldGuard Leaf Wetness Sensor

Gold Plated Sensor Grid: The sensor reads wetness by measuring the resistance on the grid. The resistance measurement is converted to a Leaf Wetness value from 0-15, in whole numbers. Any value over 6 is considered ‘wet’. Accurate measurements require this surface be kept clean of all conductive matter (leaves, grass, dirt, and salts). Periodically wipe the sensor with distilled water to remove dust, pesticide residue, irrigation water salts, etc.

  • Range / Resolution 0 (dry) to 15 (wet)

FieldGuard Barometric Pressure Sensor

The FieldGuard Standard Barometric Pressure Sensor measures a range suitable for most environments, while the FieldGuard Extended Barometric Pressure Sensor offers a wider range for use in high altitudes. The sensor can be attached to your FieldGuard Station with the included Velcro strip. The 2.5mm plug connects to ADC0 or ADC1 of your FieldGuard Station.

Specifications Standard:
Range in HG : 660 - 680 mm-HG
Range in mbar : 880 - 1083 hPa (mbar)
Accuracy in mm-Hg : ± 1.3 mm-Hg
Accuracy in mbar : ± 1.7 hPa (mbar)

Specifications Extended:
Range in HG : 476 - 841 mm-HG
Range in mbar : 635 - 1120 hPa (mbar)
Accuracy in mm-Hg : ± 1.4 mm-Hg
Accuracy in mbar : ± 2.0 hPa (mbar)