FieldGuard Measuring Stations for Fruit- and vegetable growers

Measuring Soil Moisture
    FieldGuard Soil Moisture Measuring Station
Measuring Rainfall
    FieldGuard Rain Collector Station
Measuring Groundwater Level
    FieldGuard Groundwater Level Station

FieldGuard Soil Moisture Stations measure Soil Moisture, Soil conductivity and Soil Temperature up to 3 depths (depending on model). Besides Soil Measurements these stations can also measure Air temperature and humidity (Frost-alerts).

Soil Moisture Station


FieldGuard Rain Collector Stations measure the amount of precipitation per hour and per day with 0.25mm increments. Besides Rain these stations can also measure leaf wetness periods and/or Air Temperature and Air Humidity (for disease-models).

Rain Collector station


Measuring Groundwater Level can be important for growers because of capiliary of the soil. These stations are often used in combination with Groundwater level controlled irrigation systems. Besides Groundwater Level the Groundwater temperature is measured.

Groundwater level station